Our Story

Family Owned and Operated USA Company

Our Story:

What started as a side project for John one day, evolved into something much larger. One day in 2018 John was shopping for toys for his son, Ryder, and couldn't help but notice the lack of quality of the products on offer. He was so frustrated by the poor customer service and cheap materials used that he decided to make his own car for his son.

He named it 'Ryder Toys' – inspired by his inner child that still believed anything was possible if you just dreamt big enough. With no formal training or background in manufacturing, John started from scratch with a few simple designs and began selling them to friends and family. In a short amount of time word spread about Ryder Toys and soon customers were coming from all over the world! 

As demand grew, so did Ryder Toys’ production capabilities, eventually leading to global success as one of the most popular kid car companies around today! John’s dedication to quality has been rewarded with positive reviews across multiple platforms praising Ryder Toy's commitment to providing safe playtime experiences through innovative design ideas and excellent customer service – something which is sadly lacking in many other brands out there. 

We are a small family owned and operated business located in the USA - who take pride in providing world-class products and customer support.

For every parent out there looking for high-quality toys at reasonable prices - look no further than Ryder Toys!

Our Mission: 

To bring a smile to you and your little one's face through innovative designs and experiences.

Our Goal: 

To provide our customers with the very best experience through providing the strongest and most advanced ride on toys

Giving Back: 

Ryder Toys loves giving back to our community. We are a proud sponsor of Children's Adaptive Transportation Service. Each year Ryder Toys donates thousands of dollars worth of ride on kid toys to children and families with disabilities. Ryder Toys is extremely thankful for all the great support from our community.