Making Childhood Magical

Ryder Toys is a small family owned USA based business operating out of California. What started out as a project in the garage has grown into the #1 ride on toy company in the USA due to innovative designs and experiences. We take pride in providing exceptional products and world class customer service.

“In a world where kids are glued to their ipads, we strive for a fun way to get them back outside and exploring”


What had started out as a project in the garage, turned into something magical. Ryder Toys has been such a wonderful and rewarding project to be working on. Being able to make unfortgetable moments for parents and kids is absolutely wonderful. Our goal was to build more than just a product, we were building a lifelong experience.  Our kids grow up fast, and we wanted to create an opportunity to seize the moment and capture the fun in everyday life. "We are all just big kids aren't we?"

Our Mission

Is to bring endless joy and radiant smiles to both you and your little one. Through our innovative designs and enchanting experiences, we strive to ignite imagination, spark wonder, and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime. All of our products are backed by smiles guaranteed.

USA Company

Ryder Toys is a small family owned USA based company.

Smiles Guaranteed

Backed by thousands of happy parents and kids.

Built to Last

Ryder Toys are built to last and provide countless hours of fun. 

Internet-Free Fun & Learning

Encourages exploration, independence, spatial awareness, and social interaction.