Best 24V Ride On Kid Car Power Wheel

24V Ride on Kid Car

A common questions our customers at R&G Toys have is "Which is better, the 24V XXL UTV or the 24V Buggy?" Well we are here today to finally settle the debate for what is the best 24V power wheel on the market.

What do they have in common?

The 24V Buggy and the 24V XXL UTV a lot in common when it comes to the features and capabilities of being the best power wheels on the market. Both models come equipped with premium grade, long lasting rechargeable 24V lead acid batteries. These upgraded batteries is what separates RYDER Toys' models from the rest of the competitors. In addition to the 24V batteries, both these electric kid cars come equipped with robust quad action 55 Watt motors (one for each wheel), making these 4x4 kid cars capable of tackling the toughest terrain. Both of these models have upgraded rubber wheels in conjunction to the AWD giving these models superior off road grip. The 24V XXL and the 24V Buggy have room for 2 passengers with adjustable and comfortable leather seats with safety harnesses.  To take these models to the next level, both of these power wheels come with upgraded sound systems and touchscreen mp3 players. These MP3 players come pre-loaded with videos, songs and more. You can also connect to the MP3 player via bluetooth, USB and/or aux. These electric kid cars were designed with safety in mind and come with parental remote control that allows the parent to override the car when your little one is driving around. Now that we went over the similarities of the best 24V power wheels, let's take a deeper dive at the differences between the two models.

What's the difference between the 24V XXL and 24V Buggy?

The 24V Buggy has a few features that not only set it apart from the 24V XXL UTV but also set it apart from the rest of the competitors. R&G Toys designed the 24V Buggy with an A/C Fan to keep your little ones nice and cool when they are driving around in the yard. In addition to the A/C Fans, the leather seats are adjustable allowing the seat to slide all the way back giving 27 inches of leg room (from the back of the seat to the pedal). This model also come with a third optional seat that swings out from under the seat to accommodate one more little one.

The 24V XXL has limited edition features making this model the superior choice for off road adventures. R&G Toys designed the XXL UTV with higher ground clearance (11 inches) and the largest rubber tires on the market (16 inch diameter). With upgraded 4 wheel suspension and motors, this is the clear choice when tackling rough terrains. This model can easily handle rocks, mud and anything you put in it's path. The XXL UTV has slightly less leg room at 22 inches when compared to the 24V Buggy. The reason behind the slightly less leg room is because the 24V XXL has a hidden trunk space that the 24V Buggy lacks. 

Why R&G Toys makes the best 24V power wheels

The 24V Buggy and the 24V XXL are top of the line models that make a great first ride on toy for you kids. With premium LED lights, leather seats, touchscreen mp3 players, AWD motors, Adjustable 4-wheel suspension and turbo charged 24V batteries, you can't go wrong with either of these models. At the end of the day both of these models are better than anything else you can find on the market, and it comes down to personal preference when selecting which model works best for you. R&G Toys stand behind all of our products and offer superior customer support throughout the lifetime of your product. As the industry leader in innovation and fun, R&G Toys is here to make finding the perfect product for you little one that much easier.


R&G Toys 24V xxl utv ride on kid car
Product Name: 24V Buggy 24V XXL UTV

Product Dimensions:

55"x38"x37" 56.5"x36.2"x33"
Product Weight: 77 lbs 93 lbs
Max Rider Weight: 150 lbs 150 lbs
Charge Time: 8 hours 8 hours
Run Time: 60 minutes 60 minutes
Low Speed: 3 mph 3 mph
Max Speed: 6 mph 6 mph
Age Range: 3-11 years old 3-8 years old
Wheel Size: 15" Rubber Tires 16" Rubber Tires
Ground Clearance: 9" 11"
Seat Width: 22" 23"
Seat Depth: 9" 8"
Steering Wheel to Seat Length: 22" 16"
Pedal To Seat Length: 27" 22"
Battery Type: 12V 9A 12V 10A
Braking System: Auto Braking
Auto Braking
Motor Type: 55W x 4 55W x 4
Lights: Front & Rear LED Lights Front & Rear LED Lights
Sound System: Touchscreen MP3 Touchscreen MP3
Assembly Time: 30 minutes 20 minutes
Extras: Adjustable Seat + AC Fan Adjustable Seat + Hidden Trunk



Here are some comparison photos:

R&G Toys 24V Power wheels

R&G Toys 24V Power Wheels

R&G Toys 24V Power Wheels