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Battery Guide

Battery Guide

Ryder Toys Battery Guide

One of the most crucial components for your electric ride on car is the battery. Ryder Toys models come with various battery sizes and it is important to understand what the difference is between the models. It is extremely important to take proper care of your ride on toys battery to ensure longevity and peak performance.
How to care for ride on toys battery. Power Wheels battery care guide.
Ryder Toys Power Wheels and Ride on Toys Electric Battery Guide Run Time

Volts Vs. Amps

When shopping for ride on kid cars you will see two different measurements for the batteries. You will commonly see the Volts (V) and the Amperage (AH). The volts will tell you how much power the battery is able to produce. The larger the volts, the larger the output of power; resulting in being able to tackle tougher terrain and carry more weight. The Amperage will tell you the duration for which the battery will be able to produce the given power aka volts. The higher the amperage, the longer the duration that battery will be able to run. 
Ryder Toys Power Wheels and Ride on Toys Electric Battery Guide Comparison
Ryder Toys model comparison battery run time

Extend Your Run Time

Please follow the steps outlined below to extend your run time for you Ryder Toys electric ride on kid car.
Ryder Toys Power Wheels battery guide and car instructions. Electric ride on toys and cars.
Trouble Shooting Guide
How Battery-Powered Power Wheels Work: Understanding the Science Behind Kids' Favorite Ride-On Toys
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